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PCHC Strong Link Telehealth. Beth will help you every step of the way.PCHC Strong Link Telehealth

What are the benefits of telehealth using

"PCHC Strong Link"?

* Convenience

* Caregiver Conferencing

* Clinical Proficiency

Access PCHC Rural Healthcare Clinic from anywhere.

Telehealth is a virtual visit with a health care provider through
a video chat. It allows patients access to efficient, high quality, safe and
reliable health care, especially with chronic conditions.

Virtual urgent care is available to you now from the comfort and safety of home.
To get started with a telehealth visit on a mobile device, call 606-654-4520
PCHC Rural Healthcare Clinic and they will help you every step of the way.

PCHC Rural Healthcare Clinic | 606-654-4520 (phone)

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